Cindy Stone

Cindy Stone

Cindy Stone

Subject or Grade: SPICE Preschool
Room: 121



This is the SPICE Preschool program at Val Vista Lakes Elementary.  The word SPICE stands for: Social-Pragmatics- Independence-Communication-Emotional Regulation.

Children with difficulties and/or delays in the areas of; social emotional development, sensory integration and emotional regulation and communication delay benefit from a specially structured environment that includes visual supports and predictable routines. 
Students are provided learning experiences in a developmentally appropriate setting.  With opportunities to meet their social, academic, behavioral, sensory and emotional needs in a classroom with fewer students and more 1:1 support. SPICE classrooms are limited to eight children maximum. Instruction is provided by a certified teacher who has been trained in a variety of approaches that have proven to be effective with children with autism and related disorders. These approaches include, but are not limited to: applied behavior analysis, TEACCH, Greenspan, PECS, sensory integration, visual strategies, daily schedule, SCERTS, pivotal response, and social stories. We use STAR curriculum which is designed to address the unique learning challenges for students on the Autism spectrum.  Socialization is a primary focus for our students, and although typical children are not enrolled in the SPICE class, opportunities are provided daily for SPICE students to interact with the typical children in the other preschool programs on campus.


About Me

I was born in Wyoming, lived in Brisbane Australia for my elementary school years and then moved to Arizona.  After high school I graduated from CAC, ASU and Rio Salado. 

All four of my children attended and graduated from Gilbert Public Schools.  My first position in the district was in the cafeteria, I also substitute taught and worked as a paraprofessional.  I have been teaching in the SPICE program for GPS for the past 12 years at the secondary level.  

I made the decision to move to SPICE Preschool at Val Vista Lakes Elementary after my first visit.  This has proven to be a great decision, I love this job and can't wait to come to work and see the students everyday.  Being at the very beginning of a students' journey is very exciting.

Class/Daily Schedule

  1. Arrival Routine - students walk to class, find name, hang backpack, take folder from backpack, place folder in bin and check their schedule.
  2. Play - students play and are encouraged to share, turn take and interact.
  3. Circle Time - students sing a Good Morning Song, the circle time helper then chooses a song to sing, they review the letter of the week, they review the number of the week and listen to a story.
  4. Centers Rotations:  
    Work With Teacher - students work 1:1 with the teacher on IEP goals, use STAR       curriculum and PRT and GOLD data is taken.
    Table Time - students work 1:1 with a para on sensory play, art and writing activities.  
    Write - students work 1:1 or independently to practice the letter and number of the week.
  5. Snack -  students sit at the table as a whole group and request food, clean up when finished and wash their hands.
  6. Bathroom -  students are taken to the bathroom and changed or given opportunity to use.
  7. Outside - students are able to increase gross motor skills playing on the playground or participating in the Outside Helpers choice of activities; bubbles, sand toys, bikes, cars, balls, etc.
  8. Centers Rotations:
    Yellow -  students work 1:1 with SLP, OT or paraprofessional to develop play skills, turn  taking, requesting and sharing.
    Red/Green - students work independently completing 3 tasks which include a puzzle, a  work  box task and a file folder task.
    Book - students are able to go to a quiet area to explore books independently.
  9. Play
  10. Closing Circle - students participate in a song and listen to a story, then say "Good Bye"
  11. Departure Routine - students put their folder in their backpack, zip their backpack, put their backpack on and stand on the blue line to wait, then walk to bus or parent pick up.

*All students complete all 6 centers daily each in their own scheduled order.

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